The purpose of a business card is to enable customers and prospective clients to contact you. It is a way of saying, I am available to help you and continue our business relationship. A well-designed business card reflects your company's image and tone. Not just with the graphics on the card but also the style of the card, the quality of paper and its feel in your hand. The most important information should be easily legible: your name and contact information. Don't forget, the business card dimensions are only 3.5" x 2" but the practice is to keep important text at least 1/8" away from the edges. We keep the goal in mind while handling all the technical requirements. The result is a durable card you that you will be happy with.

Double-sided business card
Look at the clever design showing half of the logo on the front
and the other half on the back


Pinnacle Litho can help you decide the fine details about your business card. We can recommend the thickness of paper; whether it should be matte or glossy; will the card have rounded corners or straight; will it be printed on one side only or both sides; if we should add some spot coating on particular areas to make the design stand out...we can also design the graphic layout of the business card too.

Business card with spot varnish and rounded corners

We know you'll be happy with the results and want to remind you that our advanced software system is optimized for our presses. That means that when you re-order your business cards, they will look the same as your first set. We pride ourselves on consistently matching previous prints so you can maintain your company's branded appearance.

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