It doesn't matter what business you are in, you need a continuous flow of customers to survive and thrive. There are many ways to get those customers but when it comes down to it, "Seeing is Believing". That's why so many businesses rely on visual communication, whether it's in print or on a screen. And with so many businesses doing the same thing, your business needs to stand out.

Pinnacle Litho offers professional graphic design so your organization gets noticed. Graphic design isn't just limited to moving logos and words around to make an appealing layout. Our graphic designers are creative problem solvers. They can work with you to tailor your message specifically to your target audience in a way that would relate directly to them. Combined with our in-house variable printing technology and mail-fulfillment services, we can create a print-marketing campaign from start to finish.

We can design anything that gets printed, from business cards to stationery, to booklets, brochures, direct-mail, flyers, presentation folders and brochures. We can also design re-usable graphic design elements such as logos, infographics, graphs, vector diagrams and retouched images.


  • graphic design layout
  • logo design
  • creative advertising copy writing
  • careful text editing, spell-check, proofing
  • meticulous photo editing
  • website design
  • Editing spreadsheets or MS Word files
  • infographics, charts and graphs
  • branding

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